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Academic Editing Service

We offer a broad range of editing services including heavy editing,

medium editing, and light editing.

  • Heavy editing includes help with either intensive language editing or large-scale revisions, argument, and organization; we offer feedback on structure, overall clarity, and aim at revision of an early or mid-stage draft.
  • Medium editing (substantive editing, correlation editing, and technical editing) is aimed at pieces with good structure and argument, but that need sentence- and paragraph-level revision for cohesion, focus, and flow. This level of editing also includes catching and fixing errors in grammar, spelling, and consistency and correlating the different parts of the study to one another.
  • Light editing (technical editing) includes some very light line editing, but is primarily aimed at reducing wordiness and achieving consistency of style. This option is perfect for ESL writers who are confident that they are efficiently conveying their message, but who want to ensure that their writing reads as though it was produced by a native English speaker.

We are APA writing experts who have a plethora of experience among different dissertation and doctoral study submissions at different universities. Rush jobs are available with a 7-day turnaround time. The editing rates are simple since we charge a flat rate of $.02 cents per word for editing.


We charge by word rather than per page to bring value to you. A typical title page is 50 words, where page 1 may have 250 words. It's more reasonable and cost-appropriate for you, the client. Our rate includes putting the entire document in APA format, grammar, spelling, punctuation, citations, reference list, and edit for clarity. Some writing help documents require more substantive editing for content or organization. All doctoral studies, dissertations, and journal articles require a specific formatted according to the university or journals guidelines.


We offer a sample edit with a flat rate of $100. E-mail the document to and we will edit the first three pages using track changes and return the document for your review, after the payment has been received. As a professional consultant, our goal is to provide you with a good representation of how to improve word choice and APA 7.0. The cost of this service can be absorbed within future editing costs of the same study.


We are available via text or email anytime, which should allow flexibility and time management for both of us. Phone or Skype meetings are an option as well.

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