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Dissertation, Doctoral Study, or Thesis

Dissertation, Doctoral Study, or Thesis

Dissertation Editors offers consulting services for scholars who need technical assistance to scholars on their doctoral study, dissertation, or thesis. Our goal is to help you explore ideas and guide you in many areas such as topic selection, dissertation editing, writing, research design, methodology, editing, qualitative analysis, discussions, proofreading, and oral defense.

Topic Selection is key. The identification of the topic should make a contribution to your field of study, be relevant, the study should be manageable given the time frame you have to write the study, and should be of interest to you, the researcher.

Proposal writing and concept papers must be solid and pertinent to the field of study. We can provide direction toward the scope of the study to provide relevancy to the field of practice.

The problem statement, purpose statement and conceptual framework is the underpinning to any qualitative study and must be carefully written prior to any literature review. We can guide you to develop a sound approach to the organization of the research materials that would include selecting, summary, critical evaluation, and searching for peer reviewed articles. This is your story and must be presented in a clear and concise manner. The literature review must be synthesized and presented in a way to provide the solid background for the central research questions. Additionally, we can offer you many tried and true techniques to add to your tool belt. Also, we can show you how to become your own doctoral editor and save you some time and money, too.

The methods/methodology section allows you, the researcher to develop appropriate research. We can help you design a sound study by helping you identify specific participants, explore sampling methods, data collection plans/procedures, and identify source materials.

Data collection and management phase can become overwhelming. Additionally, we can lead you in the navigation of human subjects approval and aid you in data collection, coding, and data analysis (such as case study, narrative, phenomenology) to provide validity and reliability to your study. We can guide you through the interpretations of the research findings, results, and conclusion of your study.

Our consulting services will help you prepare for the interview sessions at the research site, prepare you for the oral defense, and help you integrate the feedback from your committee chair, IRB, and URR. Additionally, we offer consulting services for APA tables, figures, and fact finding for reference lists since these are all add on items for doctoral and dissertation editing services and are not included in any editing quotes.

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