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Digital Gadget


The beginner package is designed for clients with 1-3 years of total experience and are interested in entry-level positions. 

Resume only - $30

Resume and cover letter - $80

Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn - $130



The advanced package is designed for clients looking to obtain promotions,  stand out from their competitors, and advance their career. Great for 3-10 years experience.

Resume only - $60

Resume and cover letter - $100

Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn - $160



The administrative package is designed for clients who have more than 10 years of professional experience. Great option for candidates moving toward the C-Suite.

Resume only - $115

Resume and cover letter - $175

Resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn - $225


Curriculum Vitae 

University Students

Curriculum Vitae Services:

Your hard work and academic accomplishments should be noted in your curriculum vitae (CV). Now is the time to have your academic and professional background noticed. You have shown your committee chair style, clarity, and exact tone in your doctoral study, now your will use this in your CV to make the impression necessary on future employers. Please allow me to craft your professional story that is unique to your previous employment and education. I have extensive knowledge of skills

Rates are as follows:

CV and cover letter                                      $220

CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile   $250

Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing


Every business is different. We will partner with you to execute an integrated digital marketing, content, social, and advertising plan to achieve your goals. I use an audience based approach to your advantage; inspiring, connecting, delighting, and serving your audience to earn their trust and loyalty. This method will allow you to concentrate on the strategies and tactics that will bring the maximum benefit and return. We offer an extensive suite of services including consulting, company training, event marketing, brand development, digital web design, and content marketing. Furthermore, we can help you tap into the muscle of social and new media to increase brand awareness, construct and nurture communities and earn the support of your future customers.

Developing a solid integrated social and digital platform works even when you are not working. This process will help you understand your audience and empower your employees. My strategic social media plans can provide you with clear methods you can execute today.

We are content curator who provides a business owners a “hybrid” solutions toward social media instead of completely doing it themselves or leveraging a full-service option. I use a customized task list that is generated for small businesses that is based on various metrics, including type of business, level of expertise with a system, time required, and level of value. My services offer the ability to develop and implement global and local internet marketing strategies from start to finish. This level of service will provide a professional social media presence will build local and global relationships. The digital services can include mobile and web production, website creation, e-mail marketing campaigns, and acquire customers from social media.

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